Metro Film Ltd for Cameras, Lenses & Accessories

Cinematographer References 

When I first met Andy & Ryan at Metro Film, they brought me right in and made me feel so comfortable. The equipment they have is first class, all the newest gear. They have an amazing facility with a great selection of lenses and a very close relationship with ARRI Rental. Ultimately, I decided that was the best way to go and being able to have that support right here, it was just unparalleled. They were always a phone call away. Their level of service and reliability is incredibly important when you're on set and you have so many things to think about and so much on your plate, just knowing that behind the scenes, all of the equipment is always going to be there when you need it and extremely well taken care of and well serviced.

DP Mike Berlucchi 

When I first began Preproduction on M3GAN. I approached Metro Film to test a variety of Camera and Lenses. It was most important to me, to choose a special look for this Production. Without hesitation, the team went out of their way to support my vision and help test multiple lenses, in both studio and on location environments. This stellar level of service and endless support gave me the best results and ultimately, I was stoked with my final decision. Throughout the shoot Metro film provided behind the scenes Camera and Lens servicing and worked seamlessly with 1st AC’s to cover off any technical requirements. No problems, No Hitches, No Nasty Surprises!

DP Peter McCaffery 

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