Focal length ApertureClose FocusFront Dia.Weight
Zeiss 16mmT2.1 (+2/3 at CF)5" inch80 mm0.5kg/1.1 lbs
Zeiss 24mmT2.1 (+2/3 at CF)6" inch80 mm0.5kg/1.1lbs
Zeiss 32mmT2.1  (+2/3 at CF)8" inch 80 mm0.5kg/1.1lbs
Arri 50mmT3  (T5.6 at CF)0.2m/8 in80 mm3 lbs
Arri 100mmT3  (T5.6 at CF)0.353/14in80 mm3.5 lbs
Arri 200mmT4.3  (T8.0 at CF)0.50m/20in80 mm4 lbs
  • ARRI Macro’s T3 -T4.3 Full frame/Super35
  • Sharp and contrasty image 
  •  Saturated Colours
  •  1:1 magnification ratio for high quality closeups

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