Focal LengthApertureClose FocusLengthFront DiameterWeight
19mmT3.0 - T220.30m/12" in84mm / 3.3 in95mm0.72 kg / 1.5lbs
24mmT3.0 - T220.30m/12" in
70mm / 2.7 in
95mm0.64 kg / 1.4lbs
28mmT3.1 -T22
0.30m/12" in
87mm / 3.5 in
95mm0.84 kg / 1.8lbs
35mmT1.6 - T160.54m/21.6" in
100mm / 3.9 in
95mm0.96 kg / 2.1lbs
50mmT1.5 - T160.30m/12" in
100mm / 3.9 in
95mm0.84 kg / 1.8lbs
80mmT1.6 - T160.54m/21.6" in
120mm / 4.7 in
95mm1.1 kg / 2.4lbs
100mmT2.9 - T220.43m/17" in
180mm / 7.0 in
95mm1.3 kg / 2.8lbs
  • Full Frame T1.5 - T3.1
  • Warm toned look
  • Great detail on faces
  • Portrait lenses
  • Interesting bokeh characteristics
  • Smooth focus fall off.

Rehoused Leica R lenses by Zerø Optik
Full frame Leica Rs are warm-toned lenses which prioritise smoothness over the extreme micro-contrast found in most high-end stills lenses. They resolve good detail, with smooth and interesting bokeh characteristics. They have always been highly regarded by photographers for their ability to capture flattering yet detailed portrait shots. Leica R lenses are a gift to cinematographers from the stills world.

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