IBE Optic's

LPLx2 VV Extender - The LPL increases the focal length of FF and VV LPL mount lenses. 

S35xFF Expander - Scales the super 35 image up to 43.4mm, covering full frame format and the entire RED dragon 8K Format.

PLx2 Extender - While most extenders can only physically fit on a limited range of lenses. The design of the PLx2 accommodates more spherical and anamorphic PL mount lenses than any other doubler on the market.
This is achieved by designing the extender with a deep - set optical assembly, thus making it possible to use lenses with long protruding rear elements.

PLx2 VV - Optical extender doubles the focal length of Vista Vision format PL mounted lenses.

PL 1.4 Mark II Extender - Extends the focal length of S35 PL mounted lenses by a factor of 1.4 while only losing one stop in the process.

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